Why Beards & Bass?

Exactly because I’m a bearded bassist. Obvious, isn’t it? At least as far as the name is concerned. The studio occurred, because I’m a musician an audio engineer. The latter was aimed after I tried to produce a bit in the past. And I really just tried, because I thought this couldn’t be that complicated. What I did was to record with poor equipment in any rooms and created a (shitty) mixdown which I delivered fort he mastering. The guy who did this really got the most out of it. At first it sounded even good to me. After a while of distance to the track I changed my opinion about the sound quality. So if someone should ever question the genesis oft he Beards & Bass Studios…it is written here!


What can I expect from the Beards & Bass Studios?

In the first place it’s about producing music. You will hear that of course. Further more I’m going to report on the production with all it’s fails included. From the preparation through the recording tot he mixdown and mastering. I will put up all this up for discussion. Beards & Bass welcomes feedback from engineers, musicians and those who like to talk shop. That’s why I created this website and the recording blog. Apropos, I’m going to visit recording studios time and again and interview their engineers and musicians. Also I’m going to report fair highlights in the recording blog.

So, if you ask me this is the right time to subscribe tot he Beards & Bass newsletter or follow the social links.


Who is behind Beards & Bass?

I’m not the kind of guy who is telling you where he was born and which degrees he has received. Beards & Bass should be less a case of me than of music. I’m a fair and sociable person. Just like any other bearded bassists. So there is no reason not to visit my studio or not to join my newsletter. I look forward to that!

Cheers from Beards!